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Annual Report - 2017-2018

The fiscal year of Health Care Network Inc begins July 1 and ends June 30th.

Over the past 31 years of service to Racine County, the organization has scheduled 210,490 appointments and assisted patients in obtaining over 90,379 prescriptions.  This represents a value of over $47 million, which could only have been made possible through the generous donations of time, talent and resources by volunteers and donors. Health Care Network continues to fill a service gap in the community. 





Appointments Provided


Good Samaritan Program

Prescription Assistance- Initiated 1999



Patient Services

Health Care Appointments

Clients Served 2,208
Appointments Provided 6,134
Average Appointments per Client 2.8

Health Care Services Provided

Medical Appts 2,232
Dental Appts 1,115
Diagnostic Appts 1,176
Education/Preventative 1,394
Onsite Appts 2,426
Community Appts 3,708